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Where am I? "WHAT3WORDS" A really clever UK FREE app

For those that wander the River Taw and wonder about ever being found if you have an accident, or for partners that want to know exactly where you are on the river, may I recommend "what3words". This is an app that divides the world into a multi-trillion set of 3m square grids. These grids are defined by three words that give a unique geographic reference point. The app is I gather now used by emergency services to locate persons. It can be used on any smart phone and also, critically, can be used off-line when there is not internet connection.

check it out on: and there are a number of short videos on YouTube.

I am thinking that we should recommend its use to all club members for reasons of safety.


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Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson
12 feb 2020

I just tried the app myself. Very easy to get started. It looks like it would give confidence to members who are not so comfortable being alone on the river.

Me gusta
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