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Thank you to members

On a beautiful Wednesday morning this week, a small group of members refitted heavy duty ladders to enable all of us better access to the water. Thank you to Jo, Ashley, Mike, Craig, Chris, Gordon for carrying out this essential bank work. You can view the latest images on our conservation work gallery or click the image below.

Meeting each other again, and enjoying pasties and cider afterwards was much appreciated after a period of time when our social lives were subject to restrictions. There is a lot more vital work that needs doing and we'd really appreciate your support. If you're able, please RSVP for one of the forthcoming sessions:

  • Saturday 30th October

  • Wednesday 10th November

  • Saturday 27th November

You'll need to login to view events. Here's the user guide to help you register and login or email for assistance.

We look forward to meeting you again.

Many thanks for your support.


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