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Is it ok to photograph your fish?

A recent article from Keep Fish Wet suggests that we shouldn't, especially in the extreme temperatures being experienced in certain states of North America.

We know that hot weather and increased water temperature adds to the stress on the fish so extra care must be taken, which may include simply not fishing at all in extreme conditions.

Thankfully, such extreme conditions are rare on our waters, however our own conservation efforts extend beyond bank maintenance work and encourage the proper care and handling of fish when they are caught (see our Catch and Release guidelines).

We all appreciate the beauty of the wild fish in our waters and, like many of us, want to capture a great image to share with friends and fellow members, but only if I can do so without causing any stress to the fish and always keeping it in the water/net. If I can't, I'll skip the photo opportunity and you'll just have to trust me when I tell you, it was the best fish ever! #Keepfishwet


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