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Access to Club Waters

A fellow club member, Michael Coulson, has advised me of an unusual interaction with the owners of Chulmleigh Lodge adjacent to the A377 at the top of Tremayne Water. (The What3words location reference is: )

They raised two queries:

  • Has the season started? and;

  • Are you permitted to fish during lockdown?

Michael suggested it would be good to know our rights of access for future reference. Dealing first with the issue of the season, I’m sure you are all aware that the season starts on March 1st for Salmon and March 15th for Trout.

With regard to lockdown the current guidance changes on 29th March, details are available on the Angling Trust website

As far as access to our waters is concerned, the club owns the fishing rights to some sections and rents others on a long-term basis under licence or on an ad-hoc yearly basis.

  • Clubs Owned Rights: Right Hand Bank (looking downstream) from Coldridge Bridge to Hawkridge Bridge.

  • Clubs Rented Rights: Tremayne Water we hold the rights under licence- 2500 metres of Left Hand Bank (looking downstream) from Sauls Brook to Hollacombe water, 612 metres of Right Hand Bank of the River Taw upstream of the confluence with the Little River Dart and 608 metres of the Left Hand Bank of the Little Dart River from the confluence of the River Taw.

  • Other rented Waters: Right Hand Bank from Brushford Footbridge to Coldridge Bridge, Left Hand Bank from Coldbridge Bridge to Hawkridge Bridge and Right Hand Bank from Hawkridge Bridge to Coldridge Brook.

These waters are currently rented on an annual basis from the current landowners and have been so for a good number of years and are all previously held on leases. We are currently trying to formulate new 5 year agreements where possible on terms similar to those at Tremayne.

In summary, the clubs rights are generally related to the right to fish the river from the appropriate bank where indicated and to enter the river again from the appropriate bank. Parking is limited at all locations so please be mindful of other users and do not obstruct field gateways. Members should take care when entering landowner’s fields, particularly if livestock are present and ensure that all gates are ALWAYS closed. Do not leave any litter or discard any line and please report any damage found to the club secretary in order that we can advise the landowner.


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