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Price of breathable waders leaves me breathless

My breathable waders seem to last about two years before there arises that tell-tell sign of seeping cold leaking through onto one or both legs. Even modest breathable waders are circa £200-250 and the likes of Simms or Patagonia cost roughly the GDP of a mid-sized country. I have often used my waist length PVC waders + boots from Vass rather than the bind of putting on waders, boots etc. For six years they have been utterly reliable. Especially given that I frequently crawl through undergrowth and slide down steep banks on my bottom. (Sadly, I no longer risk leaping down banks and across the river like a gazelle given my age and that I often fish alone.). I am wondering about replacing them (they are eventually starting to deteriorate) with Vass chest waders. Vass now also do breathable and hybrid types of chest wader apparently. My only concern is fit (being 5'8") and that chest PVC waders may just be too hot in the late Spring and Summer. Has anyone any experience with these products? Gordon

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